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Lucille C. Little Theater

Lucille C. Little Theater is the primary theater performance space on campus. Built in 1999, this is a state of the art black box theater. This makes it one of the most versatile venues on campus — allowing for a flexible audience and stage setup.

Little features a 40' x 60' performance space, a wire tension grid system, an onsite construction shop, and loading dock. Behind the main black box space, there are dressing rooms, a kitchen, and green room.

Little Theater is the site for the major productions of the department. If you're ever involved in theater performances at Transy in any way, you'll end up working in Little Theater. 

Coleman Recital Hall

Equal part classroom and performance space, Coleman excels at versatility. This space is able to transform easily into whatever it's needed for.


Coleman often hosts a majority of classes in the major — so you'll quickly become quite familiar with this room and the diversity it offers. Some of these classes include Preparing to Act, Building a Character, Creating a Role, Modern/Classical Drama and Theater, and Fundamentals of Play directing.

Coleman has also been used for a number of play festivals put on by the Transylvania University Theater Guild, the student complement to the department. These festivals showcased student-created work, and thanks to the flexible nature of Coleman, each show was able to explore creative relationships between the audience and performance. 


It has also served as stage for a full scale production of Tennessee William's Suddenly, Last Summer in 2015. This was the first time Coleman was used as an official performance space. Making use of this unique setting, this production relied heavily on practical lighting — adding an other-worldly look to the show.

Costume Shop

The Costume Shop, housed in the Mitchell Fine Arts building, is the creative center for all of the department's costume design. This space is fully operation and particularly busy right before shows. It also serves as a classroom space for particular costuming or design classes — including Costume Design and Construction, Theater Design, and Theatrical Creatures.


For those with work study assignments, this is an excellent way to get involved with the arts in a new way. You can either learn new skills or simply improve them by sewing and designing costumes. As a work study in the Costume Shop, you'll get plenty of opportunities for creative problem solving — whether you need to creative a humanoid bird or a horde of demonic cheerleaders.

Scene Shop

The Scene Shop is a dynamic space that functions both as a classroom and a workspace. It's easily adaptable to the needs of any production. It has a wide variety of tools and special equipment that allows students to gain experience on a number of different projects, and students of all skill levels and backgrounds are encouraged to participate in the space and expand their abilities.


Housed in the Mitchell Fine Arts building, next door to the Costume Shop, the Scene Shop has quick access to Little Theater for ease of loading shows in and out of the space. Whether you're constructing set, building props, painting, or fabricating special effects, the Scene Shop is likely going to be the best space for you.